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The First Horde

After having gained intelligence during the battle of Kalka River in may 1223, the Mongol army retreated.

The Kievan Rus felt at ease while Batu Khan planned an invasion like no other before.

It's 1237 and it's time to strike!

Take control of a commander of the Golden Horde under Batu Khan and destroy the supply lines of the Rus while avoiding them, so you can lay siege to their cities and rise as a powerful Mongol conqueror!

- Move your horde using the arrow keys (or swipe in mobile)
- Outmaneuver the Army units and raid the Supply lines.
- Once all supply lines are destroyed, the cities will be vulnerable to raiding.
- Forests will hinder your movement greatly.
- Every time you raid a city, you will be given a choice to improve your horde, choose wisely.
- You must conquer Rus before the end of the XIII Century.

Categories: desktop, mobile