HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

The Fall of

In the 13th century, a kingdom stood as a beacon of prosperity and peace. At its heart a structure said to be blessed by the gods themselves. Many tried to destroy it but in every attempt they failed. Driven by dark ambition, a neighboring realm, launched waves of archers and swordsmen to conquer it. The tower’s guardian, had lost much of his army in previous wars. He knew that facing the enemy directly would be suicide. Thus, using the tower as a strategic point, he rallied the remnants of his troops.
Each wave of assault tested not just their strength but their unity, resilience, and cunning.
Would the Last Tower stand or will it fall?

Buy units and protect the tower.
Swordsman = $100
Archers = $60

For a better game experience use a mouse :) !

slow motion: z
fast forward: x
buy swordsman: s
buy archer: a
select units: click (+ drag)
move units: right click
attack certain unit: left click
zoom in/out: mouse wheel / scroll
move camera: cursor over borders
pause: p
full screen: b

Thanks to:
Catalina Sterenstein
Facundo Duarte
Ignacio Gurmendez
Juan Diego Duarte
JV. Gurmendez
Pedro Gurmendez

And special thanks to Mark Vasilkov for sharing his pixel art strategy

Categories: desktop