HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

The Cursed Mirror

You are a valiant knight. You have been cursed by an evil warlock: from time to time you transform into a vicious villain.
To break free from the curse you had to find the cursed mirror that has been used to cast the spell on you.
As soon as you break it the undead around you begin to rise. You have to fight until you come to the final battle.


WASD or arrow keys to move and jump
Mouse to aim
Left click to attack
Right click to block


Fend against the undead until you come to the final battle.

The circle at the top shows your progress.
The red bar at the bottom shows your health.
The white bar at the bottom shows your curse energy level.

Curse energy will grow over time, until you transform in your nemesis.
When transformed, you are stronger and faster. Attacks from enemies won't damage you and will heal you instead, but they will deplete the curse's energy.


On Windows: Firefox
On MacOS: Chrome

Categories: desktop