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The Book of Pages Not Found

"The Book of Pages Not Found" is a short story-driven game inspired by classic choose-your-own-adventure game books and Grimms' Fairy Tales.

You must explore this book and uncover the long-forgotten stories. Find the shape of how they’ve been, or form them how they could be, and fill these pages with the ink long gone…

Will you find all the pages?

Categories: desktop, mobile

Feedback from the experts

Noël Meudec: This is more an interactive book than a game. That said, it is well done and there is some "re-playability". It is visually pleasing, and it is nice to be able to explore different paths. Here are some things I would do to improve the experience: - Add some visuals / illustrations - Add a background music and/or sound effects associated to what's happening in the story Overall, it is a nice concept well executed, with room for improvements. Good job!

Michelle Mannering: Like the fact it's on mobile as well. Very nice. Would have been great to have a little bit of music. Music does provide a sense of ambience, especially when there it's a lot happening on the screen. Understand it can make the file a lot bigger though. You could also have a page flipping sound effect which could make it really cool! Beautifully written. Great copy-writer. Love the fact you can decide how to weave the story. It's like Skyrim or Dragon Age! Love how you need to find all the pages of the book and then there's error 404 at the end! I'm a completionist so I liked finding ALL the pages.