HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Systems Offline

You awake to find yourself on an abandoned, broken space station. Can you fix the systems quickly enough to survive and escape?

Mouse/touch controls. Additional difficulty settings, as well as colourblind mode and inverted control options in menu. Music off by default.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the judges

Spartez Team: I did finish it once. It was ok. I don't feel any need to play it second time though. I kind of like that it wasn't about being fast and I could take my time as long as I was coming back for oxygen. Especially that I wasn't sure what is my next goal (I missed the fact that I need to connect everything to power). Tooltips help a lot. Graphic is very clear. Grey and then more color when you do something right. Feels gratifying. Technically it should be probably split to more files.

Anselm Hook: Great game, fully in line with the contest theme. It kept me hooked quite some time. Only advice is to better organize your code and your repo. There's no build system or file compression/minification. Good job though!

Diego González: What an incredible game. The perfect puzzle game; it feels like a quest! The way each system needs to connect to another is a masterful blend of a familiar puzzle and exciting situation. Amazing work.

Anonymous: Perfect for theme, and adequately challenging, really enjoyed this.

Jimmy Joe McGurl: Very cool puzzle game that takes pipe/flow puzzle games to the next level! I love how you have to manage different paths and often adjust your work to make sure you're satifying all of your goals while managing turns/oxygen