HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Super Chrono Portal Maker

A puzzle-game, and an hommage to Super Mario Maker, Portal and Chronotron!

Discover many game mechanisms through 30 different levels, then make and share your own levels with the built-in editor!


ZQSD / WASD / arrow keys to move
mouse to send portals, space to pick / drop cubes
jump + space to throw cubes
shift to time travel.

Use left click to choose and place a tile on the map.
Pipes require 3 clicks (position 1, position 2, switch)
Balances require 2 clicks (balance 1, balance 2)
Right-click to erase

Game by Maxime EUZIERE
Music by Anders KAARE

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the judges

Diego González: Mindblowing concept and execution. A full-featured, encodable-in-an url LEVEL EDITOR is an amazing accomplishment at any size, and there's a game there, too? Wow. What you've started here is a phenomenal example of code golf, gamedev prowess, and pure hardcore awesomeness. Nice work.

Jupiter Hadley: Super awesome mash-up of some fantastic games. Love the fact that there is also a level editor so that we can make our own levels, but there is also plenty of pre-made levels to explore. Well done.

Anselm Hook: Initially I though that it was yet another Super Mario clone game. But you actually innovated by adding new stuff like slippery ice and boxes. Spent quite some time playing it :) fun.