HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Super Backpacking Adventure

Dust off those dice, and get ready to roll through a SUPER backpacking adventure!

This is a dice rolling, roguelite, backpacking rpg!

This game is heavily inspire by games like Elder Sign, Slay the Spire, and most recently Dicey Dungeons.

Fight your way through the dangerous woods, forage for food, collect items, and follow your compass to adventure!

Categories: desktop, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: Super well polished game! A lot of the finer quality of life details are present in this game - like a gradual introduction of mechanics and mouse locking. Thoughtful player choice adds a nice layer of challenge as well. Only one suggestion for improvement from me, which is a way to adjust mouse sensitivity - making many choices with lots of dice can get slowed down by the drag speed.

Anonymous: First of all congrats on finishing that game with all these features and ship it in a small footprint and contain all that interesting content. I enjoy the mix between Dicy Dungeon and having a linear game such as Slay the spire. I think some of the abilities and the adventure generations need to be balanced. Also, a smooth learning curve with not all that choices will be amazing, It will be fun also if there branching and the player choose the branches in the story based on the dice number with some curses. I noticed after finishing a battle you don't get your dice back for the last action of heal or collect food. This is a little weird but interesting at the same time. It is interesting because it make you think should I try to save a die and kill the enemy as slow as possible so I can get more food or should I kill it as fast without taking any damage. The bad part is injected because of the food count and the need to get food so that choice is a little diluted by the food. That problem can be solved by either removing the food or allow the player at the end of the battle to get two dice and can choose one of the results. Overall, it is an amazing game. I would love to see more of it and if you need anyhelp feel free to contact me later :)

Pedro Fortuna: In some situations the fonts are lacking color contrast and are hard to read. Not really a fan of the genre but I appreciate the level of effort you spent here.