HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Storage Space 13

You are a janitor on a freight spaceship, Storage Space 13. After flying through a meteor shower, the ship is a mess. Boxes are all over the place and vents are leaking. You need to clean up the mess of boxes and place them onto the leaking vents on the floor. The gravity system of the ship is a bit broken and is only working on your boots. This means the boxes can only slide forward and only stop when hitting a wall or another box. You need to get close to push them.

- Teleport or push box:
- Left mouse button (desktop)
- Controller Trigger (VR)
- Menu:
- Escape (desktop)
- Controller X or A (VR)

- If you get a box stuck in a corner, quickly restart the level through the menu.
- You can only teleport to places that are accessible, boxes can block the way.
- You need to be close to a box to push it.

Categories: web monetization, webxr

Feedback from the experts

Steven Yau: It's basically Sokoban in VR but plays very well. Loved the retro art style and animated textures. The game retained the restricted movement from Sokoban so you could only teleport to areas that you could physically walk to which is a nice touch and in some ways unexpected in a VR experience. What stopped it short of higher marks (and I'm being nit picky here as the level of polish is already so high!): - The logo and UI menu didn't match the pixelatted style of the game. - Would love to been able to see my hands or some representation of my hands - Maybe forcing the user to have to touch the box to push it so that it's clear that they had to be next to it - Something to help locate the end points (sometimes they were around corners/behind corners that made it harder to see) Fantastic work with this!

Nathan Lie: A neat puzzle game that is unfortunately hampered by its poor performance. The choppy framerates make it difficult to traverse the world, and having to restart due to a mistake is a chore because of the time it takes to load and experiment with possible solutions. Unfortunately, there doesn't appear to be any Web Monetization component.

Ewa Mazur: Unfortunately, I couldn't play the VR game on my device. I am also unable to check the WM implementation.

S├ębastien Vandenberghe: Such a cute little game. The style is so good looking I wondered how you managed to make it all fit in 13K Good Job on creating this game which fits perfectly with the theme !!!

Fernando Serrano Garcia: I love the pixelated textures. The controllers were also very intuitive and the puzzles were fun to play. Really nice and polished work!

Jupiter Hadley: Really nice looking graphics!