HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Spacing Guild

In the year 13K trade between planets is controlled by the Spacing Guild. As a merchant of the Guild your job is to trade with the planets to obtain the maximum profit.

At the start of the game the stellar map will show the systems under your control.
To visit a planet just click on it.

The planet view shows, on the left side:
- Planet details: name, population, economy, climate and tax rate.
- Cargo details: credit and capacity.
On the right side:
- Trade table: show products/goods quotations.
- Product details: show how many products are available to buy/sell and prices.

A positive Delta price indicates an increased price over the guild's trade price, a negative one the opposite.
The purchase of an asset is subject to the availability of credit and space in the cargo.

Game progress is saved automatically into browser storage.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Ania Kubów: The unique take on the theme of 'space' was very much welcomed. I could tell a lot of thought went into this game. It would be great to see some sort of overview when on the main stellar map. Well done!

Noël Meudec: What a beautiful game, with a very relaxing atmosphere. Great job! There is too much information on the screen though, I didn't understand what I was supposed to do. It is not intuitive and really needs a tutorial. I cannot really comment more as I didn't make much progress in the game, but there is definitely some talent on display here.

Lee Reilly: Very sleek UI and very atmospheric. I found myself look for turn off / speed up transitions button after a while. I clearly don't have a future as a profiteer on eBay :)