HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Spaceship Wars 13k

Spaceships wars is a kind of battleroyal game where every player use a unique spacehip to destroy their opponents using a rock-paper-scissors mechanic.
There are a limit number of spaceships available in the game (13312 to be precise) every one of this is a NFT that can't be purchased but it should be earned by being the winner of the tournament.

The game is configured as a board game, all the rules runs on the blockchain (near-testnet spacewars.neuromancer.testnet), and every spaceship can be displayed in the IPFS at:

github for the contract:

There is a local (offline) mode where players can familiarize with the mechanic, before joining to the near version.

Categories: desktop, mobile, decentralized

Feedback from the experts

Sasha Hudzilin: was tiny front-end bug (was hard to pick original 3 cards), but really enjoyed the game. Including explanation for the rules (of the card game itself) might have been a good idea Neat use of NEAR too! High quality game, loved it

Jupiter Hadley: Gameplay is really simple, but the graphics themselves are really, really lovely.

Michelle Mannering: - interesting concept for NFTs; love the fact the rules run on blockchain - cool interface - love the Star Wars theme - manga theme is also very cool - be cool if when you click 'local' it says something like "you'll receive a randomly generated account so you can practice before jumping into the NEAR version:" - Add credits button doesn't work when running locally; would be good to include a pop up or instructions saying "please choose testnet or mainnet to add credits" - pretty cool how you can't join a game unless you have the NFTs - Super genius, and I'd love to be able to play properly with you all

Tim Sulmone: Quite RNG based, but loved the style/aesthetics.

Vlad Grichina: Extremely cool animated generative spaceships. It's nice that game went whole way to implement on-chain fights (I wasn't able to test them however).

Johnny Matthews: This is an incredibly smooth game with quite a simple concept. The graphics are great, and the animations are really slick, both of which give this game a really nice feel to it. In terms of decentralization, I'm a big fan of this one! The game itself is hosted using IPFS, which is great to see. And the implementation of the NEAR blockchain is also very impressive. I would've liked to have seen Drand implemented as a seed for the games randomness (as far as I can tell, it wasn't implemented).

Ryan Baumann: Very cool! Easy to connect my NEAR wallet to it, however I never got a game rolling over the Near testnet, so that was unfortunate. Local I didn't quite follow what was going on, but the look is very clean and polished. I like that there are 13312 unique spaceships stored on IPFS. I really wish I could see this in action over Near (but I suppose 8 people would need to test at once).

Paul Gadi: Nice generative spaceship art! PVP is a bit too random for me but great NEAR implementation

Dietrich Ayala: RAD ui design. would love some mood music during the battle. the animations between screens were great, and would be even more amazing w/ a sound. minting wins as NFTs is awesome. loading the ship gallery from IPFS in Brave desktop browser worked great, would've been cool to be able to play the game over ipfs too. there's a rendering bug where the [SET] button is on top of the cards, so i can't really see them. but really nice job overall.