HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

SpaceShip 13k


You only have one shot per comet, don't miss; :)
If you let it go, you lose;


Movements = Mouse Move;
Shoot = Left Click;

Game made for js13k jam;

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Jupiter Hadley: Simple but interesting game! I like the graphics.

Victor Debone: Thanks for the submission! What was good? I liked the stars background. And sprites inside the 13k limit, they were charming! What could improve? I think this is a great base for a game. You could start adding more to this sketch and have something fresh for this style. The concept of having a single bullet is a different thing, but feels for me too harsh, you can't learn from mistakes and improve.

Ahmed Khalifa: First of all, congratulations on finishing your game for the JS13k jam, this is a great achievement :) I like the idea of having one shot that if you miss you could be doomed, so it give some strategic thinking which one to shoot first but I have always a problem that I don't know if there is a new one coming with very high speed before I shoot, I understand that it is part of the fun but maybe a notification of new asteroids coming when they are nearby might help the user think. Also, missing the asteroids make you wait for a while till you lose with nothing you can do about it, I would recommend having a way of fast recharging such collect your bullet and in that case make the bullet very slow and maybe the player has up to 3 bullets and when they hit something they stop moving and the player needs to collect them and if they didn't hit anything then the player will get them back again. Thanks for creating your game and participating in the JS13k :)