HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Space Wizard Toast Spinning

Click or point and drag to cast magick on a spinning slice of toast!

The bigger the move, the more force you will unleash!

There are only two objectives:
1. The toast has to land butter side up
2. The toast has to land in the middle


My interpretation of the theme is the slice of toast having to land on the back side. It was supposed to be a small project, but turned out to be a lot bigger than expected.

Categories: desktop, mobile

Feedback from the experts

Christer Kaitila: LOL what a fun and original game! I found it a bit too hard to have any effect on the bread, and wished for more 2x force with half as much mouse movement (maybe 2x strength mode when holding a button down would work?) but overall I was super impressed. Great endgame judge advice, awesome artwork. Great work!

Jupiter Hadley: This is such a funny game! Love the humor, but it is VERY CHALLENGING.