HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Space Quiz Shooter

Shoot at the balls with the correct answer. 2 x 13 spacy questions.
Correct answers will be rewarded (health, friends, points), wrong answers will be punished.

Aim with the mouse and shoot with left click or tap.
Keep the left mouse button pressed for longer fire.
Optional: Press Space bar key for a tactical jump to any point in space (your cursor position). You have a max. of 13 jumps.

It should be playable on mobile too. But no time left to test multiple devices.
(you can survive without tactical jumps by space bar key)

Red: enemies - shoot at you
Green: friends - shoot at enemies
Yellow: neutral - may turn to enemies or friends if hit

Friendly fire mode is on. So don't shoot too hard at the answers!
Too many ships at once create a mess, cause they might shoot at random answers.
(Enemies get more and more powerful with each level.)

Good luck and have fun :)

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Ania Kubów: I very much enjoyed the humour in this question game! A nice combination of game play meets 'quiz'. I would love to see some boss levels added in the future. Nice one!

Jupiter Hadley: What a clever concept!

Noël Meudec: Quite an interesting way to learn while playing. The graphics, controls and questions are good. I wish the questions were asked in a random order to make it more re-playable. It is also lacking a background music. Overall, it is a simple game but it is pleasant and I learned a couple of things. Thanks for making it!