HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


You are the first to reach the planet Mixolydia, where the only resource is sound.
What will you make of this new frontier?

* `CLICK` to toggle menus, place items, inspect items, etc.
* `CLICK+DRAG` to move the map.
* `ESCAPE` to cancel an item placement or exit a menu.

* This game uses *spatial audio*. Try headphones for the best experience.
* Performance is optimal on Chrome.
* If using Safari, must be >= 14.1.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Raf Mertens: Really love the ideas behind this game. A planet made up of different musical parts/cities. It’s very fun to play and has potential. There were some bugs, and one restriction was the amount of instrumentation you could have playing without audio artifacts and lag. There were also some bugs with the wrong items being placed, and sometimes random instrument sounds when there was no instrument placed. Having said that, the game was super fun and so far one of the best I’ve played. Feature-wise, without limitations, the possibilities are pretty much endless. Volume controls, mixer, dynamics alterations, oscillator frequencies, more instrumentation etc. It would be really cool to see if this game is developed further.

Ahmed Khalifa: First of all congratulations on creating a game that fit in 13k and participating in js13k jam. Overall, your game jam is incredible, it is like a cookie clicker with music synthesizer, it reminds me of drum circle which is really amazing tool to create music. I would recommend adding a button to download the output music as you could create really interesting beat and music. I think you could either take that tool into a direction of more cookie clicker style of achievements so people are experimenting with new type of music. Also since I can different sources of music then I would recommend also do something about the placement on the floor, maybe that control the volume so further stuff have low volume, or maybe shift so it feels like echo in the back or backup music. overall this is really great, because I usually suck at music and that game made me create really good tempo and nice music, thanks for creating your game :)