HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Space Force

Move: WASD/QZSD/Arrows
Shoot: Mouse/Space
Mobile: -dual stick shooter style
Move: Left side
Shoot: Right side

Art by Surt @not_surt
Inspiration: Luftrausers, Shooty Skies, Surt's art.

A message from [sic] Kernel Drumpf:
"For too long the asteroid colonies have taken what is rightfully ours. We made Space Force. I made Space Force. It didn't exist before me, y'know. And now they're taking all the resources and leaving none for us. There is gold and platinum and... other metals that are rare here on Earth. Trust me, I've got the best people looking, they can't find them. I call them Rare Earth Elements, I made that up. We need them, for batteries... and stuff. The colonies, these criminals of the human race are taking them all. We need to take these criminal organizations OFFLINE! We're sending an overwhelming force to crush them!"

A message from Colonel Karnage of Ceres:
"This guy is a f****** moron."

Categories: desktop, mobile, server

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