HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Sojuz 404

You're a Pavel, commander of Sojuz 404, a secret mission to test a new space drive…

The game works on your phone, too. Just keep the finger on the screen to explore a scene. Lifting the finger does use the item.

Categories: desktop, mobile

Feedback from the experts

Noël Meudec: Nice little point and click game. The graphics are simple but well done. There is also a humor in the game, it reminded of the old school games from LucasArts (which is always a good point!). A couple of things that could be improved: - I had to look at the source code to figure out how to solve the last puzzle. If I didn't have to do that, I would have finished the game in 5 minutes, but it took me much longer than that. Now I understand the solution, but it was far from being obvious. - Some items are not used, that is a little sad. There was potential for fun with a couple of them. - Any kind of sound or music would have been a nice plus for the atmosphere. Overall, it was a really short adventure but a fun one. If I didn't have to cheat to finish the game, it would have been an even better experience.