HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Slipstream 13k

Challenge your friends and watch your back in this multiplayer action trench-flying racer. Enter a room code (or make anything up), share it with your friends, and hit enter to start a match. Controls are arrow keys to turn, space to boost, and Z to shoot.

Categories: desktop, server

Feedback from the experts

Florian Rival: I've played when I was a teenager to Slipstream 5000... how surprise I was when seeing this game! Love the style of the game, the music, very cool! Ships are a bit hard to control but the whole experience is definitely awesome. I would have included a bit more of explanations when starting the game but apart from this this is very impressive!

Anonymous: First of all, congratulations on finishing the game and submitting it to the JS13K competition. The game looks amazing with amazing effects and shaders. I wish, I can play it but the game was stuck in waiting state and not starting, unfortunately.

Jupiter Hadley: Lovely graphics, pretty fun game!