HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

She is my universe

The world's first VR Flea Sim.

You've lost your hairy host. Hop to it and find her.
Control with mouse/headset - no buttons needed.

Yellow cursor - hop where you look
Red cursor - suck blood
Orange cursor - does nothing

It's a bit glitchy, hasn't been tested on any VR devices.
Sometimes it takes a second try before the flea draws blood.

Categories: a-frame

Feedback from the judges

Jupiter Hadley: Very interesting concept! I liked the idea of being a Flea in VR. For the amount of time in the jam, you made a solid game. I do wish the humans moved around a bit more - that would have added a lot to the experience of being a flea.

Diego Marcos: Ingenious way to 3D modeling without using 3D models.