HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


"Setlerio" is a working title, but the game was supposed to be a Settlers-like one themed around "The Year is 404 AD".

Unfortunately I was not able to finish the game; I'm uploading it anyway just in case someone wants to pick it up (I'll also try to come back to it later).

Things left to do:
- show the resources and citizens on the map
- have the citizens move the resources to construction sites and to supply buildings with needs
- expand the economy (more buildings, maybe more resources)
- introduce enemies - the plan was for them to attack outermost towers in waves
- graphics (obviously)

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Spartez Team: Thank you for submitting this. I think it shows some potential. Graphics is clean and I wouldn't focus on it at all. What you've got here is great PoC/prototype, where you can play with design now and have great fun. Maybe try minimalistic approach. Maybe you don't need more resources, citizens, enemies etc. What if there is only one resource. What if citizens are automated and not shown at all (you kind of did that when building is finished with a progress bar already). Then think what player would be doing playing the game. What would be 'main playing loop'. Obvious idea would be kind of idle game - when you have to manage your time more than anything. But there are hundreds of ideas. Ideally you want to do something that no one did before - innovate. Last but not least - extra points for using typescript. Good luck :)