HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


A variant on a famous classic where the tetrominoes are sentient! The tetrominoes will flee *back* up when they have figured out their purpose in the playing field (to die to make lines)!
Depending on your playing style it might take a while before you see one leave the game.
Good luck and thank you for playing!

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: Good: - It’s a Tetris/tetromino game with some nice twists. - Smooth piece animation/movement with solid game mechanics. - Generating sounds assets - Nice, clean, and readable code - Gamepad support! What could be improved: - It’s a well-implemented tetromino game but I feel that the twist is too little to differentiate your game with other Tetris clones. I really appreciate that you try to put a character on each tetromino piece. Maybe try adding different eye animations, facial features, or expression, that could add more character into your game.

Anonymous: Very cute take on an old classic. My kids loved this one!

Jupiter Hadley: Very cute version of Tetris! I really love how the blocks look and react.