HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Searching for 04

A classic dungeon crawler for JS13k 2020 by Nicklas Löf

Graphics by Nicklas Löf and

Play with WASD and mouse.
Shift to pickup items
Q to drop items
E to eat
1-3 to switch inventory slots
F11 if you want to switch to full screen (with some borders to avoid scrollbars)


If you get stuck early you might need to get rid of an item.
If you push a box into a corner hit it with the dagger to reset it.
Enimies and consumables respawns so you can always go back and grind for an upgraded weapon before fighting the end boss.

Theme: Implemented twice. First playfully in the title but also if you play the game longer than a few minutes there is another implementation of the theme

Libraries: All code done by myself using WebGL except the matrix maths where I have used the relevant parts from the excellent gl-matrix javascript package:

Tools used: Visual studio code, Gimp and

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Spartez Team: Thank you for your submission! It goes without saying that cramming a 3d game into 13kb is no easy feat. Writing a game, even more in 3d is already a challenge! Congratulations for reaching such a state of completion, I was very happy to play your game. I was running it with Firefox and I think I was having some performance issues that made that gameplay not that smooth which made me go dozen of times over the room with the white shoots. The mouse was not responsive enough to let me win and everytime I died to something coming from nowhere :P I eventually realized that the game OP is the wand and managed to find out that 04 is in another dungeon :) You nailed the feeling and the components of the game. I felt immersed in the scenario and trying to solve the sokoban puzzles. I also started to game the bats and just run through the levels, the permadeath was too much for me. I know that it's a stretch for 13kb but I wish they would make some sound when bats were coming close or flying around, as I needed to walk around looking at every corner everywhere as I never know when I'd start taking hits and die before I could find the bat. Your game has already all the pieces and is a complete one. You could take it to another level now ;)