HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Save the Semicolon

Stop all this glitch madness of JS13k! Quickly return your semicolon, to the bracketed finish. The faster you are, the more notoriety you'll receive on the leaderboard! The leader will be immortalized as a ghost until the next semicolon beats the top time.

On Desktop:
Left and right arrows make you move. Space makes you jump and enter restarts the level.

Use the right half of the screen to jump. Use the left half of the screen to move left or right. (left is on the far left quarter, right is on the left quarter toward the middle)

****Note: All glitches are turned off due to high impact on gameplay, performance and motion sickness. They can be turned on in the level select. Use at your own risk!!! ****

Categories: desktop, mobile, server

Feedback from the judges

Diego González: Wonderful character design! Sweet smooth gameplay! Great work.

Anselm Hook: Well done.

Jupiter Hadley: Really well made platformer. I enjoyed playing it and trying to beat the highscore semicolon! Its super fun and the different levels are very well made.