HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Samurai Sam

**How to play**

Drag finger (or mouse) across the screen and slice objects in the same color as indicated in the top of the screen. The game is over if you cut the wrong color, or don't cut the blazing arrows. Remember to slice all arrows.

** Decentralized **

I added a Web 3 menu where the player can opt-in for the decentralized challenge. When a player selects this option, the game will download the NEAR SDK and fetch metadata for 2 different swords, which are actual NFTs on the NEAR blockchain. The swords can be purchased and used in the game itself. The NFTs are part of the following collection, on If you buy one, you own one and will see it in your NEAR wallet and on You can resell them or transfer them if you wish.

** Known bugs **
- If sound doesn't play, try to refresh the game, and click once (not drag) on the screen
- If web3 doesn't work, try to reload the page. If it doesn't work at all on js13kgames's site, try the exact same version of the game here

Categories: desktop, mobile, decentralized