HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

sam's js13k game

The js13k website is under attack and all its pages return 404s. Your goal is to defeat the invaders and recover the website!
Thank you for playing!

- Left: A.
- Right: D.
- Down: S.
- Jump: Space.
- Talk: E.
- Reach a level: see Address Bar

Address Bar:
See the address bar above the game screen. The current level is displayed in the middle section. On the right are your 'favorites'. Select the url you wish to reach and press 'go' to navigate to that page. The buttons on the left are for decoration!

- Be sure to come back and talk to the home page guy once in a while, as he will have presents for you sometimes.
- The game will save on its own when a level is cleared. You can also save your progress within a level by entering another level.
- In total, there are 7 pages to uncover, 2 boss levels and 4 powerups to unlock.

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