HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Row row row your boat,
quickly back up stream,
frantically frantically,
frantically frantically,
Life will end downstream...

ROW is an infinite scroller.

While enjoying a leisurely day on the river, you come to the unfortunate realization that a log jam is blocking your path downstream. See how far back upstream you can get!

Avoid rocks and trees, and be sure to pick up the orange buoys for extra lives.

This game is designed for touch controls, but there are keyboard inputs as well. The tutorial shows the relevant left & right oar controls for both touch and keyboard.

Coil subscribers! Enjoy more frequent life buoys and a slower difficulty ramp-up.

No libraries were used in the making of this game.

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Jupiter Hadley: Very nice game! I do like how the currant pushes you backwards, meaning avoiding objects is much more challenging.

Anonymous: For me this was way too hard to play on a keyboard. Not sure if I'm clumsy or what but I had a hard time rowing my boat. I have not tried on mobile.