HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Rocket Jockey: Captain Pick a Card's Great Escape

## The Story So Far
In Rocket Jockey, you take on the role of Captain Pick a Card and have to pilot your ramshackle ship to the edge of an asteroid field.

Unfortunately, your ship's systems are barely held together. You'll only have a limited amount of options you can use every turn.

## Playing cards
Play a card by selecting the card along the bottom of the grid. Click on the circles on the grid to play it. You must play two cards every turn.

## Asteroids
Asteroids will move their speed value (the number on the asteroid) each turn after you play cards. Running into asteroids will kill you. Asteroids running into you will kill you.

## Recycle
Each turn you can recycle one card. This will let discard the currently selected card and draw a replacement card for free.

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Feedback from the experts

Dann Sullivan: Like the idea, think it was quite well executed.

Ania Kubów: A unique concept that I thoroughly enjoyed playing! An intriguing mix of logic and luck. I can see this game getting addictive. I wonder if the 'playing cards' could be replaced with something more in the space theme?

Noël Meudec: Quite a unique card game, and once I understood how to play I had a couple of fun rounds. Without reading the explanations and experimenting a bit, I wouldn't have understood the rules. Adding a tutorial would definitely help. Adding animations would also help understand what is going on and be more pleasing to the eyes. The art is not particularly appealing, but I also appreciate its simplicity. Overall, interesting gameplay but it needs a little work on the form.