HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Rocket Cargo

Deliver your space orders with a rocket.

Press F to refuel the Rocket at fuel pump
Press W or UP to thrust the rocket
Press A/D or LEFT/RIGHT to move the rocket when flying
Press Q to activate FTS (Flight Termination System)

Take off when air traffic permits
Be careful not to run out of fuel, refuel at the fuel pump
With each completed mission the air traffic difficulty level is increased.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Tom Greenaway: Good: - Nice movement/feel. To improve: - Clearer UI for the mission and which buttons to press when. - Maybe refueling could've been automatic rather than requiring a button to be pressed?

Christer Kaitila: great work! I enjoyed delivering tons of things and got to level 7! after a while I noticed that the safest way to win is to hop along the ground where it is safe, and only fly to make quick deliveries. Perhaps there needs to be fences or things that force you to go airborne during cargo retrieval so you don't resort to this rather silly tactic. great game, I love how it zooms out as you ascend.

Joep van Duinen: - Really intersting mechanics, maybe could make stopping / turning a little more forgiving as once you pick up speed its really hard to stop and makes dying really easy - Could make the objective more obvious as the low opacity white dotted line can be hard to see sometimes

Jupiter Hadley: What a fun and well made game! I like the graphic and general feel of the game.

Michelle Mannering: - cute game - graphics are great - could do with some sound effects and music - love the use of all the emojis - controls are intuitive