HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Your mission is to keep your website ranking high for the Search engine.

You control a robot whose mission is to prevent 404 URLs from falling into the Search engine, while allowing 200 URLs to do so.

Coil subscribers are able to customize the robot color.

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Jupiter Hadley: Funny idea! Very challenging game.

Nathan Lie: Really enjoyed this simple and cute game. The ability to customize the robot is what stands out the best in my opinion - it opens up a number of different strategies and approaches for preventing 404s from falling into the website. Another strong point is the literal-yet-creative take on the theme, and the tutorial is an often-overlooked aspect of simple game development that I really appreciate here. The web monetization feature is a neat cherry on top for all the other customization options, but a part of me feels like there's ways to expand on what Web Monetization could offer the player. Another minor thing that would be nice is a way to lock the mouse to the window, so when the player is trying to move the robot very far to the left or right, it doesn't leave the window.

Christer Kaitila: This was so much fun! I love the subtle sway of tilt when you go back ad forth, and the finicky physics was perfect for added fun-frustration-factor. The thing that really showed amaing polish was the great tutorial, with highlighted regions and the game on pause, those felt so professional. I liked being able to change the size of my catcher, but wish I could have changed my actual robot face. =) Overall, really amazing work all around!

Ewa Mazur: Very creative concept. I was so happy and frustrated at the same time while I was playing this game :D I really like the possibility of setting up the robot - that's a very clever way of setting different levels of difficulty. I like that color setting appears after a second - it's a subtle suggestion that it's something special for Coil subscribers. Maybe you could add something even more obvious to suggest that and maybe some other bonuses? And hey, there is no PINK color to choose! :D I would work on graphics, but that's me. I really admire the concept. 

Anselm Hook: Cute. Controls a bit hard. Web monetization is ok.