HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Robin of Thirteensley

The year is Nineteen Seventy Thirteen. The personal computer craze is just starting to really take off, and the most popular computers sold are... video games consoles. Inspired minds around the globe are racing to invent the future, and hungry corporations are eager to fund them.

You're a streetwise 13 year old, browsing casually through the broad aisles of ToysRSus, when you turn the corner into the gaming isle and there it is: Robin of Thirteensley, running on a demo station. You see animated sprites! Platforming! Swashbuckling! The gigantic 13kb cartridge, you learn from the prominently placed sticker, hosts untold adventure; basically the most realistic video game ever made. Your world narrows into focus: You. Must. Play. This game.

This vintage action platformer is meant to be played on a desktop browser, with the arrow and space keys.

Categories: desktop