HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


The government has taken baby-zilla away! They hid it somewhere in the city. You have 4 claws on one hand, a mouth that spits fire, and 4 claws on the other hand. It's FOUR-ROAR-FOUR time!

ROAR is a WebXR experience written entirely in vanilla JS. It doesn't use A-Frame, Babylon, nor Three.js. All of it is less than 13 KB zipped.

You're a monster wreaking havoc in a city. Your goal is to find baby-zilla in one of the buildings — and destroy the city in the process.


Pull the TRIGGER button to active the fire breath.
Squeeze the GRIP button to grab buildings.
Use the JOYSTICK to move around.
Avoid the missiles!

Categories: webxr