HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


W for Jump
A D for Move
Press leftbutton to use left hand to attack
Press rightbutton to use right hand to attack
Release left button to takeback lefthand
Release right button to takeback righthand

You can earn money in the TATAKAI section by defeating the enemy
You can use the money in SMITHY to forge weapons or armors
The more money you spent in SMITHY, you can get more powerful outfits
You can change your outfits in OUTFIT
You only can take the outfits totally weight to 1000
Weapons have properties such as weight and length
They decide the attack rate and the amount of the damage
More heavier weapon can knock back the ligther weapon
Shield can knock back weapon

Armors can protect you from being damage
Each part have a separate health, they decide the performance of your sprite.

If you win the game in REVENGE, you finish the game.

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