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As the shuttle launches, you can feel your ship exploding behind you. You and your crew are safe, but set adrift in space.

This game is all about rolling dice, managing risk, and allocating the resources available to you.

Keep you hull intact, power up the shuttle, and renew your dwindling oxygen supply.

When you shuttle has enough power, boost the strength of your distress signal in order help guide nearby ships to you. Without a full strength signal, other ships will never find you.


The game is entirely mouse / touch controls.

Drag crew members to tasks to begin them, and try to meet the tasks dice requirements. Keep in mind you can hold onto a dice for another harder task if things are looking bad.


Bonus for coil subscribers:
- You can choose to start with 1 crew member at level 2.
- This doesn't put you at a very big advantage, as it means a harder task has a chance to spawn right off the bat as well.
- This can be disabled on the main menu.

Categories: desktop, mobile, web monetization

Feedback from the experts

Nathan Lie: Enjoyed this simple take on the classic dice-based rougelike very much - there's a fun strategy to deciding where to allocate your crew and dice. The Web Monetization bonus is a great trade-off - do you want a stronger crew earlier on, while risking a tougher early game? Decisions like this help add a new dimension to the game.

Ewa Mazur: Oh yeah, I definitely felt this whole managing the risk idea, while I was playing the game. I love the graphics, the gameplay, visual effects and music. The game is polished and well designed. The Web Monetization implementation is great - as a Coil subscriber I exactly know what I get as extra and I can decide if I want it or not. Awesome!

Anselm Hook: Nice game. Web monetization bonus is nice.

Christer Kaitila: Amazing graphics and menus! They look so polished and pro. I appreciated the extra lvl 2 friend with coil membership! It took me two games to figure out what to do; I would have loved a little help at the start. The instructions said to drag crew members and that ALL I dragged for longer than I care to admit =) Once I figured that out I was supposed to drag the dice, I "got it" and really enjoyed the game! It is a lot of fun and interesting. Great work.