HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


In this 2D top-down action-puzzle game, the security cameras for a secret facility have been taken offline, and it is YOUR job to fix the problem. Take on a series of floors overrun by mysterious enemies known only as "Raven" -- although harmless as long as you can see them, they are deadly if you turn your back.

Playable on the desktop in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Use your mouse or touchpad to look around, and W/A/S/D or the arrow keys to move.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the judges

Spartez Team: Brilliant. I wonder if it was inspired by weeping angels from Doctor Who. (Edit: I've just read you description so I know now that yes and no). I like how you've written the whole story about getting to the idea and realization. I'm glad that I've found it. This is complete game experience, not some prototype without any sense. Graphics/colors fit nicely together. It must be real time to give you panic when you screw up. I love how they "see" some weird path to get me and go for it. I guess some expert could exploit it and lure them to one corner or sth. This also makes level design much harder. Source code style is fair enough. Nice and clean.

Mike Cook: A fantastic entry. Brilliant base idea, backed up with a good implementation, even nailed the graphics too. I really loved this. Sometimes the rules for when a Raven was triggered was unclear to me, but it didn't really matter because muddling through was fun for the most part. An excellent piece of work for the jam, congratulations!

Diego González: an amazing technical achievement - raycasting stealth fun in only 13kb? incredible work!

Anonymous: Enjoyed this a lot. Music could do with a mute option, otherwise very enjoyable.

Jimmy Joe McGurl: This game is so cool. The raven are so satisfyingly creepy