HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Raid Area 404

"It doesn't like being seen in the light. It hates the light!" - Anonymous 2020

You've accidentally fallen down into a hidden bunker while participating in the latest viral Facebook event, Raid Area 404 (don't bother looking, it's a private group). There seems to be something down here with me, better get out as fast as I can.

Raid Area 404 is a survival/stealth/horror game. Controls are as follows
* arrow keys - move
* A - activates a switch
* S - scooches down (otherwise known as crouching)
* Hold shift - run

Should you need to use stealth for any reason, it works this way. An opponent can see in all directions at all times, but cannot see around corners (much; make sure you get right into the corner if you are hiding in a small space). Running makes noise, which will bring enemies to your location, however walking is silent. Due to the environmental conditions, visibility is limited to approximately 7 meters (your character is 1.5 meters tall, for reference).

Categories: desktop