HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Start from the back of the pack, finish 1st to go to the next race!

To drift, stop accelerating, push handbrake and turn, start accelerating.
To slipstream, drive at the back of another car for a moment.
The inside of corners are faster.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: This is a great submission! I really liked when I was first in the race after plenty of attempts, it was fun. But as you wrote on the post-mortem, I got beaten on the curves of the 2nd race. As yours last year submission (great platform by the way), it feels really smooth and solid to control and run the race, I didn't get pissed-off at any moment by some weird way the game would answer to my commands, it was very solid. Also I could really feel the speed when I was going faster. The post-mortem was a really good read and it made every detail of the game nice. I think your conclusions on it sum-up all the improvements you'd need to do on the game. Great job.

Anonymous: Really nice feeling of speed! Well done. The car was a bit too easy to control even at high velocity. I'd like to have felt a bit more drift in the turns when coming in too fast. I could use turbo through most turns without too much problem. The sounds were pretty basic but the voice presenting my lap time was a nice touch!

Jupiter Hadley: Great graphics, fun game!