HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


### Controls
- Movement: WASD or Arrow Keys
- Attack: Left Mouse Button
- Jump: Space or Right Mouse Button
- Switch Weapon: Q/E or Mousewheel

If you accidentally scroll the page down when you want to change weapons, either resize your browser windows width so there's no scroll bar, or go to fullscreen using the button below the game!

### Features
- 2 Levels
- 5 Types of enemies
- 3 Weapons
- 30 different textures
- Music from Andy Lösch -
- Dynamic lighting
- Doors(!)
- Somewhat robust collision detection, even for fast moving objects
- Enemy AI with line of sight checks. No pathfinding, but still does a reasonable job following the player
- "Spacial" Audio (Stero separation and falloff by distance)

Categories: desktop