HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


PUZZLEggs is a puzzle game where you control a bird who want to get his/her eggs back. The goal is to collect every egg in the stage and then return to the starting position. You may not stomp the eggs you have already collected, so try not to get stuck!

The game includes 13 stages and a password system to "store" your progress.

- Arrows keys: Move
- R: Restart stage
- F: Toggle fullscreen
- Enter: accept things in menus, or open the pause menu

Works best on Chrome or Opera, should have good enough performance on Firefox, although if you are using Linux like I do, the game might be a little laggy, so I advise using Opera or Chrome.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Anonymous: Good: - Excellent puzzle platform game, looks like simple mechanics but requires some strategy to solve it. Very addictive! - A really finished & polished game, love it! - Very nice graphics & colors, good & clear game UI, and I like the game characters! - Password for each level so you can continue any level - Good leveling. Starts with simple levels and introduce more ‘features’ gradually. - Quick shortcut to restart the stage just in case you’re almost stuck - Good code. It’s readable, easy to understand, and has good modularity. - It’s impressive that you managed to build a 2D game with WebGL and draw everything (including the game characters) with WebGL API & shader. What could be improved: - Nothing. I think this game has big potential for mobile (web or native). Keep up the good

Anonymous: Very polished and challenging puzzles. I think I spent just as much time trying to crack the passwords before I discovered them on the page :)