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Princess of Corinium

Princess of Corinium
You play as a princess who needs to cure the plagued villagers from the rats of Corinium.

Click or press where you want to walk to and the princess will find the best route there.

Watch out for enemies which will chase you when you get too close and will hurt you. There are also shy characters who will run away if you get too close.

The rats will hunt out villagers to infect them. If a villager notices a rat nearby they will flee somewhere else, and only come back if it's safe to do so.

But if a villager and rat cross paths the rat will infect the villager and once below 80% health they will start bleeding a red, green or blue coloured blood.

To heal them, you need to be holding a potion which is coloured the same as the blood coming from the villager. Or a white potion will cure any villager.

Use keys to enter some buildings, make good use of the Wizard's shop.

To succeed, you need to collect all coins, potions and contents of treasure chests and make sure the villagers are not all infected.

Controls are touchscreen where available or use mouse on desktop.

Categories: desktop, mobile