HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Powdered Toast Man 13k

How to play the game:

1) Click and drag the Toaster dial to the desired setting. The higher the setting the higher the starting altitude, and flight power.

2) Click and drag the toaster bar all the way down, then let go. After which Powdered Toast Man will shoot into the sky.

3) Once powdered toast man reaches his starting altitude he will level out, and begin to fly backwards. During this time as long as his flight power remains above zero, you can change his pitch by clicking and dragging above and below him. The red rectangle indicates the direction of the house you want to get to.

4) When/if Powdered toast man runs out of flight power he will enter a free fall.

5) The game ends when powdered toast man lands at the house or not. If he lands at the house you win a log! If not you get squat. Either way you can click the screen to play again if you want to.

Categories: desktop