HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Earth is dying. The future of humanity is in the hand of 404 astronauts. Guide them on the preparation of a new home-world.


Click or touch the Action Areas to move the population and boost the performance of specific actions.

Click or touch to select the Next Construction and Next Research to get a performance bonus for the targeted action. The more the number of constructions and improvements, the better.


- Keep them comfortable. Try to always keep the Food and Resources profit greater than the usage.
- Spread your population through the action areas. Only concentrate them in urgent cases.
- The population won't tolerate a lack of food or resources, so they'll automatically move to farming or scavenging if needed.
- Make use of constructions and researches. Even constructing more resting places can improve people performance.
- Keep an eye on the days left for the next arrival, as you need to complete all the objectives before the time ends.

Categories: desktop, mobile