HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Polyhedron Runner

You are flying into ever expanding polyhedrons. Move your body around to line up with the holes in each before you collide.

This game is best experienced sitting in a swivel chair with a wireless VR headset.

Categories: a-frame

Feedback from the judges

Jupiter Hadley: Really fun game - even without a VR! I enjoyed playing it.

Diego Marcos: Very nice mechanics using just gaze

Giovanny Beltrán: Simple but engaging!

Fernando Serrano Garcia: Very interesting idea I really enjoyed on desktop, it's pity it doesn't have support for VR controls.

Chris Mills: Pretty basic, not that interesting.

Ada Rose Edwards: Loved the idea of slowly shrinking into the scene. Really felt like descending into a fractal. Well chosen design, great colours.