HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


<p> and ins proudly presents a game for the game competition



- You are PocketRocket, choose one of the 4 rockets (Pocket, Tank, Elroy and Liz)

- Don’t cross your beamline (unless you have a shield)

- Collect all blue gems to open the wormhole

- Pickup special gems for extra score.

- Deflector Shield protection against beamlines (Temporary)

- Beam-Bombs to clear some space (3 pieces)


Turn clockwise / counterclockwise

- PRESS left / right or TAP left / right side of the screen

Use powerup

- PRESS space or TAP center of the screen

Tested under:

- latest Chrome

- latest Firefox

- IE9+

- Safari 5

- iPhone 4+ (add to home screen to play in fullscreen)

- iPad 2+

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