HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Planetary — an starship fight game

This game is a realtime multiplayer game based on WebRTC.

If you create a room, send the URL to your friends.

Wins who survive the fight. You have 3 lifes. You need constantly energy from the star, so stay near to fast reload, if you go far away you'll die without life support. The good news is you can't be found when you are far enough.

* Left and Right arrows: Rotate the ship.
* Up arrow: Accelerate the ship.
* Down arrow: slow down the ship.
* Space bar: Launch guided missiles. (long press to give more energy to the missile, so it'll last longer to seek your enemies)

In space, lack of friction is your worst enemy. Use the DOWN ARROW to brake and facilitate maneuvers.

You can land a planet to auto-fix damages in your ship.

Your people will send some aid boxes with extra missiles. Go get then!

Radar elements:
* Star and planets: big green circles
* You: the blue dot
* Enemies: red dots
* Missiles tiny dots with same owner color
* Aid boxes tiny green dots

Categories: desktop, server

Feedback from the experts

Joep van Duinen: We love the background + cloud effects! The handle is a bit off. Unclear what character you are (blue-red). Unclear in what direction you are moving or how to use the map.

Michelle Mannering: Very comprehensive notes and gaming explanation. Intuitive colours which is awesome. Love the fact you can set your gamer name and chat to other players. It would be good to be able to practice/play solo if you don't have a friend to play with. Graphics are amazing. Love the spaceship and the animated background/graphics are beautiful. Music would have made it but I understand that takes up a lot more space. I also understand you're going for psychics, but the ship is rather difficult to control. It's also unclear how to "land" on a planet. After a few tries I did work out you need to slow down to land. Died a bit before this happened though. Otherwise great game. I loved playing it on stream with friends.