HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Pied Pipe Revolution

Pied Pipe Revolution!

Be the Pied Piper and play your pan pipe to lead the rats from town. Use the Arrow keys to play the notes when they reach the arrows, which will increase your area of influence over the rats. Once rats hear the tune, they will follow you. When the song ends hopefully enough rats will follow you out of town that the townsfolk will rejoice!

As always, this ended up being a mad rush at the end, so I didn't get to really play test this a ton, so let me know if it feels too hard or too easy. I had planned on adding touch support for mobile.

Also make sure you click on the game before pressing any keys... otherwise the audio will play everything at once when you first click on it or press a key. Forgot to look into that AudioContext piece!


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