HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Pest Control : Weasels

Pest Control : Weasels is an arcade puzzle game. Lemmings were meant to be saved, weasels should instead be disposed of. (consider this as your revenge on small pesky critters!)
Use the four elements to achieve this goal. They come as a variety of tools and traps that you can arrange in the play area.
The game is controlled entirely through the mouse or touch screen.

Weasels are smarter than your average lemming and will evade traps, find their way around and - usually - avoid falling to their demise.
Each level has a subset of tools to use, available inside the blue icons. Select the icon then place the trap on the play area.
You can also click on an already installed trap to move it around. Bring it back to the icon line to remove it entirely.
Landmines and weight obey gravity. Click on fans and flamethrowers to turn them in the opposite direction.

Music and sfx use SoundBox by Marcus Geelnard (
iPhone users please use fullscreen mode.

Categories: desktop, mobile