HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


The 13th Century was a chunk of time during which, according to Wikipedia, pretty much only war happened. In this game, you play a pacifist who's just trying to survive. While a bunch of enemies attack you, your goal is to simply parry their attacks.

*** Game Instructions ***
+ Move your sword with the mouse.
+ Rotate with Q or E.
+ Parry enemy attacks by intersecting the enemy sword for around half a second.
+ Try to create perpendicular angles between both swords (i.e. make a 'cross' or 'x' shape). This will give you a higher score.
+ If you don't parry the enemy sword in time, it will attack you, lowering your score.

*** Enemy Descriptions ***
1. Peasant: Slow, but unpredictable.
2. Barbarian: Quick, but predictable.
3. Paladin: Like the barbarian, but smarter.
4. Archer: Long-ranged sniper.
5. Duelist: Skilled and precise.
6. Dual Wielder: High-speed assassin.

Categories: desktop