HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB


Try catching the stars with the moons floating around your planet. You can only catch stars with a corresponding color as your moons. Your planet will follow every move of the mouse or the touch of the screen. But whatever you do don\'t let the stars smash into your little planet or it will go right into supernova.

Occasionally a powerup might show up to help you a bit.


•1K -- 1000 bonus points

•2X -- Doubles the score for each star for a limited time

•* -- Explode all stars

•-1 -- One level down, remove progress. But keep your score

•1Up -- An extra life

You can choose between easy or hard game modes. In the easy mode the number of stars that are in your space at the same time is a little lower than in hard mode. They will also move a little bit slower. In hard mode the moons will orbit your planet at different speeds.

Good luck!

browser support:

This game should work in all major browsers, but works best in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox (even includes sound) and Safari on the iPad.

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