HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Orbital Golfing

This is a multiplayer golfing game where the obstacles are planets and gravity instead of hills and sand traps. Shoot your player into the target while compensating for the gravitational pull of the planets in your way. In some holes, coins can be found that stop your momentum and reduce your shot count.

Works on Desktop and Mobile.

4-Player max per lobby.

Categories: server

Feedback from the experts

Noël Meudec: I like the idea of using the gravity as a gameplay mechanic. Unfortunately, more than once I got stuck because the maximum power I can set is not enough to escape the gravity of a planet (especially true when I get stuck between two planets). For the graphics, there are a few easy things that would make it more pleasing. A simple texture with a different tint for each planet for example. And for the background, a few stars maybe? I probably would have had a better experience if I found someone to play with me, sadly I couldn't test the multiplayer functionality. Overall, I see great potential for this game, but it needs a lot of polishing.

Björn Ritzl: Nice with some online multiplayer gaming! The sliders for angle and power felt a bit jittery when I tried to adjust the values.