HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Oh no! All the textures are 404!

What if one day some developers instead of writing a Javascript game for the JS13KGames competition would write an emulator for their favorite childhood portable console and submit it (together with a game written in console's native language) as their entry?

We invite you for an adventure in the world of Nintendo DS, where in the fairytale kingdom of tropical chickens one day all textures were gone.

Categories: desktop

Feedback from the experts

Jupiter Hadley: What a fun and clever game! I really enjoyed this one!

Björn Ritzl: Pretty neat Sokoban like puzzle game wrapped in retro clothing. One thing that annoyed be a bit was that I wasn't able to play completely using keyboard. I had to reach for the mouse to dismiss the "Try again" popup and the Restart button.

Joep van Duinen: Super creative idea! We loved the game and the sense of progression. The map below could be more clear. The gamepad/Nintendo controls don't have a purpose and eat away extra visibility space