HTML5 and JavaScript Game Development Competition in just 13 kB

Of All Trades

Of All Trades is a game about information sharing in the 13th century. Today we don't think about how easy and ubiquitous skill sharing is due books, internet, etc. The game's goal is to show how difficult it would have been to find and apprentice under the masters of various trades at the time. Instructions: Click on the isometric image to move around. When your character is aligned directly with that of the next tradesperson in your apprenticeship list, you automatically learn that skill. Some skills let you traverse different terrains. When you complete the entire list of trades and meet the lord of the lands, you win the game. There are 25 fiefdoms in a grid and each fiefdom is 200 x 200 blocks. Tradespeople will be out wandering the countryside but generally you will find them in settlements (homesteads, farms, villages, towns, and the main city).

Categories: desktop